Common Sense is not common

Common Sense is dead. It just doesn’t exist in the world we live in anymore. There was a time when the people who had some degree of balance were the majority. But currently, those who either don’t think or don’t care seem to be outnumbering everyone else. Because those who strive to be practical are now in the minority, it can no longer be called ‘common sense’. What seems to be a more accurate term to describe the level-minded is ‘uncommon sense.’

 Uncommon Sense LLC is on a mission to inspire all people become the best version of themselves, to the benefit of humanity, by spreading universal words of wisdom through motivational speeches, poetry, literature and social media.

Common Sense is dead

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Michael Price is an award-winning speaker, published author, poet, spoken word artist, and founder of Uncommon Sense LLC. For over 10 years he has made appearances in several schools, business, churches, and community outreach programs. Through speeches, quotes, poems, jokes and a conversational style of speaking, he aims to encourage people to consider using ‘common denominators’ as a bridge towards cooperation and awareness. His goal is to encourage mutual respect among people of different beliefs; so that we can ultimately make uncommon sense, common again.

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